A detailed, ship-specific Planned Maintenance System is established for each vessel in way of cooperation between the superintendent engineer of the specific vessel, the Chief Engineer on board, and close monitoring of the Technical Manager. PMS ensures that maintenance will be carried out on time while Company’s technical department assesses on regular basis the performance of all equipment. Those combined actions reassure that each vessel will maintain high operable records, skilled preventive actions resulting to safety, reliability and eventually economical maintenance ensuring smooth and continuous operation.
KAPA mpi software is Company’s main tool to closely monitor the detailed and ship-specific Planned Maintenance System of each vessel. KAPA software is DNV-GL type approved and is a comprehensive platform used on-board and in the Office.

Apart from the close monitoring of each vessel’s performance reports, it is the regular visits of our Superintendent Engineers onboard, that give our technical department the advantage of having a realistic image of the vessel’s equipment condition and performance, eliminating downtime. Vastly experienced attending superintendents take advantage of their visits to train the engine’s crew on practical matters being directly involved in repairs and maintenance works. Day-to-day monitoring of vessel’s maintenance and repair works, enables our technical supervisors to consult the engine personnel onboard effectively and assist in troubleshooting.

Our supervision teams consist of experienced technicians who have undertook a wide range of repairs and troubleshooting, many of which required special technical skills. Our experience so far includes particular cases of critical repair works that was handled and performed successfully. Moreover, having worked with many workshops and yards we are in a position of selecting the appropriate one for each case.
Timely planning is directly reflected to strict timeframes and scrutinized cost appraisals through budgeting accuracy for Dry-Dockings and major repairs, are crucial elements for economical shipping results combining safety and effectiveness.

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